We Are Family - Verse 1

"We Are Family" is a popular song from the 1970s by Sister Sledge. The collective verses of the song are an anthem for family units everywhere, played at bbq's, family reunions, and the like! My blog posts will be much the same - given in verses, if you will. So here goes...

Verse 1:
The 19th Annual Atlas Family Reunion began Wednesday, July 27th. However, my immediate family & I will make our entrance to the family reunion today for the symposium and banquet (later this evening). While packing to leave Jackson, MS today, I reflected on what family means to me and how important reunions like these are. As my mother always says, "Family is the tie that binds us all." Attending family reunions can feel like meeting total strangers, but by the end, everyone has a true sense of belonging, a purpose for which we are all called - family. Our family is truly a unique one - connected not only through reunions like these but also through our family website, Facebook, Twitter, & other electronic media. I must truly say, though, that I cannot wait to see smiling, welcoming faces that are a part of me - family.


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