The Archives and Baton Rouge

This morning, we left for Baton Rouge at about 9:30m after eating beignets this morning from Cafe du Monde. Of course, RaiChel enjoyed them as much as we did although we told her that we'd have to get them fresh for her to eat them that way too. We also stressed the importance of Tony Chachere's seasoning. We are going to send me and her home with some so we can be delivered from Lawry's. **Laughs**

We got to Baton Rouge at about 10:30 and had a breakfast waiting for us that was cooked by our cousin Gene. Gene collects a lot of antiques, his favorite thing to collect are clocks, although he has a phonograph and many old radios in his house. For the food report: Not only was there eggs, grits, sausage, but there were pancakes, biscuits, fresh orange juice, molasses or syrup and homemade strawberry jam. If I could hijack the strawberry jam back to California, I would. It was ridiculously good. Gene's son Gene, II met us over at the house with his girlfriend. It was the first time we had ever met him, which was great because we hear alot about him from his father.

From there, we headed to the Archives. Jean and I's cousin Hattie met us there so that that Jean and Hattie could do research on their side of the family. I'm related to Hattie on my maternal grandfather's side and Jean is related to her on her father's side. Jean is also the first cousin of my mother. Sounds confusing, but basically Jean and my mother are double cousins. **Laughs**

At the Louisiana State Archives, we picked up and discovered the following:
- Death certificates for the following people: Sissie Atlas; Lucinda Henderson; Henrietta Henderson; Albert Henderson, Jr.; Richard Henderson; Squire Henderson; Harrison Tyler; Sheridan Turner
- Marriage transcriptions/certificates for: Alfred Charles Atlas; Julius Atlas, Jr.; Charles Edward Russell, Jr; Phillip Atlas
- Tax Transcpritions: Years 1890-1896 in East Carroll Parish
- Confirmed the approximate year of death as the second half of 1890 to 1891 as to when King Atlas, Sr. died as per tax records
- I picked up quite a few birth, death and marriage records for my mother's father's side and for my dad's side period. I was able to find out the names of my great great grandparents on my paternal grandfather's side, which no one knew.

After we returned from the Archives, Gene made us some boiled shrimp which was really good. Then, we went over to Gene's friend Felton's house like we did last year. Hattie met us over there with her niece, our cousin Melanie. Our cousins Carl and Wakita met us over at Felton's as well. Carl's daughter Katara just received an award from the NCAA for her performance in track last season. He brought it over to show it to us. Gene's wife Cassandra met us over at Felton's too.

The menu was fried catfish (from Tony's seafood), jambalaya (that Wakita made by herself), potato salad, green beans, blueberry cobbler, and rolls. We sat around the table at Felton's place and talked for a while; Hattie and Carl had both seen a devasting fire at a high school while they were in school, two people ended up dead as the result. It all started with a container of lighter fluid being left on a radiator and was an accident. Hearing them relive the details was just a lot. It was amazing that the both of them were there and had no idea they were even connected. The fire happened in April 1969.

Gene offered us some Blue Bell Ice Cream and I have yet to partake in my favorite dairy treat, but will be soon. We are heading to church tomorrow with Gene and his wife Cassandra. We are hoping to meet up with our cousins Janice and India, who also live in Baton Rouge tomorrow. We are also having dinner over at Carl and Allene's, and we get to pick the menu. We will probably head back to New Orleans at around 9pm tomorrow night as well.


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