Heading Back to Cameroon | Ancestry Reconnection Program II

I'm excited to report that I'll be representing the research team, again, during the next installment of the Ancestry Reconnection Program during December 2011!  This year's trip is slated to be bigger and better than the last, which was awesome!  I'll be going it solo (without my trusty sidekick Jean), but I'll be in the great company of our extended Cameroonian American family.

Among the list of activities includes:
  • A healing concert taking place at the Palais des Sports de Warda in Douala
  • A visit to the Extreme North Province
  • A street naming ceremony
  • Another reception with the US Ambassador to Cameroon, Robert Jackson
  • Meetings with Cameroonian Government Officials
  • Lots more shopping :)
I'll be blogging for the duration of the trip, so be sure to stay posted to the ARP II category on this blog.  Or, to see both trips in their totality, stay posted through the Ancestry Reconnection Program Daily Posts category.  

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Looking forward to your posts. I am with my family this year and presented on last year's Cameroon trip. I just showed my 7 year old grandson the map. Needless to say I no longer have it, so please remember a map. Thanks
CManga said…
Was that a Kola Nut you were given to eat?
Nicka said…
Yes, that sure was a kola nut!

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