We Are Family - Verse 3

"Living life is fun, and we've just begun to get out share of the world's delights. High hopes we have for the future, and our goal's in sight. No, we don't get depressed. Here's what we call our golden rule. Have faith in you and the things you do. You won't go wrong, oh no! This is our family jewel." So goes the final verse of the infamous song "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge, and it describes exactly how I felt at the culmination of the 2011 Atlas Family Reunion. At the bbq, we enjoyed food, fun, and of course family! Neither the unrelenting Louisiana heat nor the cooling rain was able to halt the family gathering. It was nice to be together in an informal setting to eat, laugh, and fellowship! The highlight of the bbq was the family portrait orchestrated by Nicka - truly a sight to see!

Sunday morning was bitter sweet. Laughter filled the air as we bid farewell and fought back tears, promising to see each other in 2 years at the 2013 Atlas Family Reunion! As Nicka said

at the banquet, "[We] need to own this...to think about those after [us]." Knowing our family history is equally as important as being with our family in the present. That way, we can all say, "We are family. I got ALL my sisters (cousins, aunts, grandparents, etc.) with me!" We hope to see YOU in Minnesota! I'm sure Nicka will be there to capture every moment!


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