Rain Drops and Good Eats | BBQ

The third day of the 2011 Atlas Reunion was the day of the BBQ/picnic.  This is almost always the most attended event at the reunion.

Many family members were excited to taste the food at the BBQ due to the hype that the research team has been making about the caterer for some time.  Felton Coleman, of Coleman's Pub and Grub Catering, always fixes the research team a meal when they visit Baton Rouge during their research trips. Everything this man has ever cooked has been excellent, and the food at this year's BBQ was no exception.  

Before heading to the park, I checked the weather report.  It said to expect rain about 5pm, but  the rain came an hour early.  Luckily, the reunion hosts had secured a pavilion so we all would stay dry.  Some of us chose to stay in the rain since it was already muggy, hot, and humid.

After it stopped raining, we all gathered for our group picture.  

During the course of the reunion, I've been interviewing family members about their experiences at the reunion and with the family history project.  It's been very rewarding and I can't wait to use the interviews for the commemorative DVD.

An important fact that I neglected to mention is that this is the first reunion where descendants of all of King Atlas, Sr.'s sons have been in attendance.  This is huge considering the fact that reunions have been taking place for nearly 40 years.

Tomorrow is the last official day of the reunion.  The only event is a church service and then we'll bid each other farewell until the next reunion in the Twin Cities, MN in 2013.  This reunion has been so much fun!  I'm sad to see that it's over, but I know that we will cherish the memories for a lifetime. 

There were lots of these types of pictures
that popped up in cousins cameras. *Laughs*


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