Learning and Loving | Workshops and Banquet

Day 3 of the reunion started with workshop sessions taught by family members.  RaShad Smith's workshop was all about federal taxes,  how to make the most of your filing experience. Workshop attendees had many questions and shared wonderful feedback about the session.

The next workshop was taught by Nicole Robinson and was about increasing your mobility through flexibility.  Many family members reported feeling relaxed and refreshed after the session.

Mobility class attendees pose for a picture.

The next portion of the day was the family symposium where concept of The CoOp was discussed and feedback was given on improvements and attendance at reunions.  Additionally, family members voted and approved a proposal to pursue a cruise for the 2015 reunion following a presentation.

Family group photos were taken just before the banquet.  These proved to be fun.  I decided to take them because I noticed how many we lacked while putting together the latest volume of the family history.  As you can see, we had a great time with these.

The last event for the day was the family banquet.  It was quite an experience.  Family members from the following states were present:  Arkansas, California, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Texas. By a show of hands, most of those in attendance at the reunion were born in Lake Providence or Oak Grove and/or baptized in the lake in Lake Providence.  It was also shared that yearly revival season baptisms will actually take place this weekend in Lake Providence. 

Following our seafood buffet dinner, awards were given out to family members for being part of the research team (smile) and for being the oldest active family member (she will be 95 soon!)  Additionally, I was surprised with an award for my work on the family history project.  It was absolutely beautiful!

The banquet wrapped up with a presentation about the research team's trip to Cameroon and a preview two sections of our documentary, If These Waters Could Talk

I have to remark how nice the t-shirts are this year.  I was taken aback by them.  I loved how the logo that I created that merged our Louisiana heritage and the colors for Cameroon came came together on a red shirt.  Everyone will be wearing their shirts tomorrow at the BBQ. 

Two of the hosts for the next reunion with the plaque.

Finally!  A picture of all four research team members.


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