Follow the 2011 Reunion in Baton Rouge

There are less than 3 weeks until the upcoming Atlas Family Reunion which will be held in Baton Rouge, LA.  I am so excited to see our family members from near and far as we gather in our family's home state!

This will be the 19th gathering of the family.  Reunions have taken place every two years since 1972 and are planned by family members that reside in the same geographical location as the reunion.

My absence blogging is entirely due to me preparing for the reunion.  During that time, I've been able to produce two of the following things:

Atlas Family History, Volume V (2011)
The latest volume of the family history includes the genealogical information for 9 generations and more than 2,100 family members.  This volume is the first where photos of family members are placed next to their genealogical entries and where bios for all research team members are featured. Also included is the history of the family research project and AtlasFamily.Org.

If These Waters Could Talk:  a Genealogy Documentary (2011)
After more than a year of working on it, our first documentary piece is finally done!  If These Waters Could Talk is an hour long documentary that follows the research team as we experience the highs and lows of researching our family's southern roots.  Additionally, the piece documents the team as we journeyed back to the African country of origin of our earliest traceable ancestor. For a trailer of the documentary, please see the video below or click this link.

During the reunion, family members and friends can follow the research team and participating family members on Twitter (#2011AtlasReunion), Facebook, this blog, and YouTube.


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