James J. Chewning, Slave Owner in Carroll Parish, LA

Page 103 - December Term 1850, Alfred C. Downs (in error) vs. Joseph Kissam.  Writ of fieri facias (writ of execution after judgement obtained in a legal action for debt or damages) issued against James J. Chewning by  Joseph Kissam on April 14, 1842 for “$2,336.22 besides costs, on Nancy and her child, Milley and her child, Viney and her child, Tempey and her child, Mary, Louisa, Juliana, and Charlotte, all property of the said Chewning…”

“..all the slaves in the controversy, except Juliana, were on December 21, 1839 in Carroll Parish, Louisiana and so remained until removed by the witness into Mississippi in march, 1842, in consequence of his having sold his lands in Louisiana.” 

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