December 9, 2010 - Genealogy Index, Banner Democrat

The following names were mentioned in the December 9, 2010 issue of the East Carroll Banner Democrat which is published weekly in Lake Providence, LA.  This is not an all inclusive names index and only represents stories that are of genealogical interest such as graduation, marriage, and birth announcements, citizen profiles, and some parish government notes.  For more information, please leave a comment

Page 3:  Obituaries
Wanda Lee Hutchinson, Funeral: December 7, 2010 at New Hope Baptist Church, Monticello, LA, Interment: New Hope Cemetery, Monticello, LA
Names mentioned:  Bro. Kelly Coleman, Floyd Hutchinson, Michael Uptigrove, Arnold Lee Munn, Sarah Marie Bowers Munn, Jimmy Munn, Louise Smith, Arnold Uptigrove, Charlotte Uptigrove, Floyd Hutchinson, Jr., Tina Hutchinson, Jeannette Manning, Dwayne Manning, Mark Hutchinson, Kay Hutchinson, Heath Hutchinson, Dana Hutchinson, R.L. Munn, Judy McNickel, Pam Coleman, Keith Lawerance, Paul Kirby, Paul Philley, Stacey Philley, Mark Kirkland, Timmy Philley, Dax Ballard, Lancy Berryhill.

Page 3:  Obituaries
Carolyn Gibson Montgomery, Memorial Service: February 27, 2010 in Mountain Home, AR
Names mentioned:  Claude F. Gibson, Sr., Elois Pippen Gibson, Gordon Montgomery, Claude F. Gibson, Jr., Brenda Gibson, Kevin F. Gibson, Rhonda Gibson, Shirley Montgomery Williams, Jim Williams, Johnnie Lou Pippen Grossman, Wesley Pippen

Page 3:  Deaths
Lena Jones, Funeral: December 4, 2010 at Central Baptist Church #2, Lake Providence, LA, Interment: Lonestar Cemetery, Lake Providence, LA
Names mentioned:  Pastor Knight

Page 4:  Personality of the Week
Nakeia Madere

Page 5:  Graduation Announcement
Tiffani Shernell Holmes, Grambling State University
Names mentioned:  Sam Frazier, Queen Frazier, Sherrie Frazier Holmes Sutton, Clinton Sutton, Gregory Holmes.

Page 5: Memorial
Steve Hattaway and Rouie Hattaway, Jr.
Names mentioned:  Patsy Hattaway, Jimmie Hattaway, Tammy Hattaway Madden, Nancy Hattaway Wells

Page 6:  Birth Announcement
Names mentioned: Mit'Lasia Jermonei Martin, Shaddameia Monay Stewart, Mitchell Jerwayne Martin, Jr., Stacy R. Stewart, Walter Daniels, Nina McKinley, Mitchell Martin, Sr.

Page 6: Birth Announcement
Names mentioned:  Cadence Rae'Lynn Hopes, Aspin Stevenson, Calvin Hopes, Betty Lee, Dorothy Pitts, George Johnikin

Page 6:  Birthday Announcement
Names mentioned:  Kason Rashad Campbell, Jayadra Campbell, Andrew Hedgeman, Johnnie Atkins, Jo Campbell, Yvette Hedgeman

Page 6:  Terral on Deans List at LA TechNames mentioned;  Hallie B. Terral

Page 7:  Lake Providence Natives Recognized by Southern University's Honor's College
Names mentioned:  Wilson Matthews, II, De'Junae Shaw, Larimi Williams


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