December 23, 2010 - Genealogy Index, Banner Democrat

The following names were mentioned in the December 23, 2010 issue of the East Carroll Banner Democrat which is published weekly in Lake Providence, LA.  This is not an all inclusive names index and only represents stories that are of genealogical interest such as graduation, marriage, and birth announcements, citizen profiles, and some parish government notes.  For more information, please leave a comment.

Front Page:  Banner-Democrat's A.C.Carlton Passes Away at 85

Page 3:  Obituaries
Lloyd Waldon Chapman, Jr., Funeral:  December 23, 2010 at First Baptist Church of Lake Providence, LA, Interment: Providence Memorial Cemetery, Lake Providence, LA
Names mentioned:  Rev. Mitch Minson, Lloyd Waldo Champman, Sr., Hazel Leggette Chapman, Betty Chapman, Mike Chapman, Mary Francis Bush, Vincent Bush, Brian Chapman, Michael Smith, Beverly Smith, Jacob Bush, Aaron Bush, Benjamin Bush, Eddie Chapman, Diane Yocom, Joe Yocom, Joy Anne Barriett, Cecile Marzula, Eric Schroder, Tim Braswell, Michael Petowsky, Roy Ramsey, David Watson, Bodie McDonald, James Bass, Jr., James Bass, Sr.

Page 3: Obituaries
Mahala Mosby, Funeral:  December 18, 2010 at Harris Funeral Home, Lake Providence, LA, Interment: King Solomon Cemetery, Lake Providence, LA
Names mentioned: Pastor Ferguson Johnson.

Page 4:  Personality of the Week
Lloyd Chapman (See obituary above)

Page 5: Wedding Annoucement
Patrick L. Fearance-Stubbs and Bobbie Renee Foster
Names mentioned:  Bobby Foster, Sharon Foster, Jo Ann ferance-Franklin, Eddie Edwards, Dr. Reverend Mark Sledge, Albert Campbell, Louise Campbell, Floyd Foster, Ethel Foster, Nathaniel Stubbs, Isabella Stubbs

Page 5:  Graduation Announcement
Amy Amacker
Names mentioned:  Major Amacker, Francis Amacker

Page 5:  Local Student Named on President's List
Talisha Franklin

Page 6:  Memorial
Charles Allen
Names mentioned:  Angela A., Josh, Johnnie Al, Mildred A., Tina B., Delores A.

Page 6: Birthday Annoucement
Tretavious Lamar Hill
Names mentioned:  Richlyn Hill, Trey James, Richard Buchanan, Willie B. Hill, Kenneth Wilson, Gloria J. Jean

Page 7:  Special Christmas Section
Antonio Binder, Jr. - Other names mentioned:  Antonio Binder, Sr., Kytanly Binder, Erma Clark, Eugene Clark, Larry Binder, Sr., Lakie Binder, Calvin Barnes, Sr.

Antwan A. Facen Starks - Other names mentioned:  Stephanie M. Chase, Antwan A. Facen Starks, Sr., Mr. Roger Williams, Mrs. Roger Williams, William Arnold Starks, Mrs. Luana Facen Starks.

Bobby Adams, Jr. - Other names mentioned: Bridgette Taylor, Bobby Adams, Sr., Richard Butler, Essie M. Wallas, Doris Adams, Robert "Bob" Harden, Marie H. Finley, Edna Wallace

Nikaya JaNae Richardson - Other names mentioned: DeAndrea Richardson, Jamika Siggers, Myrdice Richardson, Ronnie Anderson, Grace Anderson

Ciara Chante' Johnson - Other names mentioned: Reva Siggers, Celus Johnson, III, Willie McDaniel, Judy McDaniel, Irene Johnson

Mi'Cheala Teane' Meadows - Other names mentioned: Shamonica Stewart Meadows, Michael T. Meadows, Jacqueline Virgil, Samuel Virgil, Jr., Mary Meadows, Milo Meadows

Demarcus James, Jr - Other names mentioned: Krishanda Wilson, Demarcus James, Jr., Tammy Wilson, Lionel Collins, Betty James, Arthur James, Sr.

Cadence Rae'Lynn Hopes - Other names mentioned:  Aspin Stevenson, Calvin Roswell Hopes, Betty Lee, Dorothy Pitts, George Jophnikin

Sharyrea Danai Campbell - Other names mentioned:  Shontae Young, Dwayne Campbell, Jr., Linda Young, Purvise  Thompson, Edna Wilmore, Dwayne Campbell, Sr., Helen Brown, Essie Thompson, Curtistine Young

Traniya Ja'Nae Mays - Other names mentioned: Latoria Stanberry, Travis Mays, Jeannie Stanberry, David Alston, Linda Burks, Columbus Franklin

Ch'nya Mo'Nae Martin - Other names mentioned:  tonya Martin, Cornelius Wingate, Lynette Martin, Vester Wingate, Bernice Martin, Charlie Gibson, O.D. Baker

Zi'Yunna Nascha Burks - Other names mentioned:  Kimberly Burks, Andrew Hedgeman, Diana Brown, Stephon Harris, Yvette Hedgeman


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