Day 6 - Exchanges, Preservation, and Music

Our day started off with exchanging American money for Cameroonian francs.  The exchange rate is pretty decent considering the US economy.  We got $4.50 CFAs per US dollar.

Next we headed over to Mefou National Park which is a Cameroonian wildlife preserve for chimps and gorillas that were formerly in captivity with businesses.  This trip was requested by the Minister of Forestry.  A native tribe also lives on the land at the park.  They were so sweet to us and assembled themselves in a crowd to welcome us and to say goodbye.

Doesn't the man on the right look like Dr. Dre or Lou Rawls?  LOL

Jean and a man who looks an AWFUL lot like one of our cousins in America. 

I loved these kids.  They were so cute :)

From there we had lunch at Le Club Municipal hosted by renowned chef and director, S. Emile Engoulou Engoulou.  All of the food was excellent, especially the mixed beans which he called "Barack Beans" after President Barack Obama. Cameroonian soccer legend, Roger Milla, also stopped by and said hello to our group. 

"Barack Beans"

We got another personalized cake!

The chef (middle) with Etienne Tchounghi who is well renowned with regard to his formulas for preventative medicine. Both gave us spices as well as a ginger concoction that has a number of cures for ailments.

The last event of the day was ARK Jammers, Inc. Concert where we got to see our group leaders perform and for awards to be given to locals who are excellent at service.


Papa Noel is a BEAST on the bass...

Avline, before she started singing...

This is a well-known performer in Cameroon and he's BLIND! 

Sharon singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" with Papa Noel

Blair singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" with Papa Noel 


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