November 18, 2010 - Genealogy Index, Banner Democrat

The following names were mentioned in the November 18, 2010 issue of the East Carroll Banner Democrat which is published weekly in Lake Providence, LA.  This is not an all inclusive names index and only represents stories that are of genealogical interest such as graduation, marriage, and birth announcements, citizen profiles, and some parish government notes.  For more information, please leave a comment.

Page 4:  Personality of the Week
Alisa Antwine

Page 6:  Memorial
Sam Reynolds, Jr.
Names mentioned:  Wife and Children

Page 6:  Acknowledgement
Family of Martha Belle Brannum Christon

Page 6: Marriage Announcement
Shamonica Stewart and Michael Meadows (Includes picture)
Names mentioned:  Dr. Mark Sledge, Joyce Stewart, Mr. Samuel Virgil, Jr., Mrs. Samuel Virgil, Jr., Mr. Milo Meadows, Mrs. Milo Meadows.

Page 6:  Appreciation Program
Names mentioned:  New Morning Star Baptist Church, Deacon Percy Threats, Rev. Raymond Gill, Sister Cassandra Jones, Sister Ny'Lacya Gordon.


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