Family Statistics Using MacFamilyTree

We recently got a hold of a demo copy MacFamily Tree. One of the most interesting aspects of the program is the variety of statistics reports. Traditionally, we've used Family Tree Maker which only offers a few options for statistics. Here is the tale of the tape for our family.

  1. The maximum average age (life expectancy) of males is between 65-70 and for females is between 70 and 84. The national average for life expectancy for African American males was 70 years and 76.8 years for females as of 2007. (Source: Expectation of life at birth and at specified ages, National Vital Statistics Reports, Centers for Disease Control
  2. Of known living people, we have the more males between the 20-24 and more women between 36-40.
  1. Number of Children:  An overwhelming number of families only have one child (325), while nearly 180 families have no children and about 150 families have two children.
  2. Family members most likely have children within 1 year of their marriage. 
Chart:  Number of Children Per Family

  • Most family members were born in Lake Providence, followed by Louisiana (as a state) and Los Angeles.
  • Most males were born in July, followed by January and December.  Most females were born in December, followed by August and March.
  • Most family members get married in December.  June and May follow.
  • More females got married between the ages of 20-22 while more males got married between 23-34.
Chart:  Month of Marriage

  • Death Month: More males in the family die in February, followed by April and June.  More females die in November, followed by March, January and February (which tied)
  • Death Year: An overwhelming number of males died between 1980 and 1990, while most women have died between 2000 and 2010.
Chart:  Month of Death

  • The most common surname for men and women is Atlas followed by Rosby, and then Nervis.


Mavis said…
Don't know that I need more software since I've not fully learned Family Tree Maker, yet, but I do like the statistics aspect. That would be something neat to have and present at family functions.
Nicka said…
You're right Mavis. We actually use Family Tree Maker too, but the statistics function on MacFamilyTree is like no other program we've seen. It also offers great visualization options for you to look at your tree in a new way.

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