October 7, 2010 - Genealogy Index, Banner Democrat

The following names were mentioned in the October 7, 2010 issue of the East Carroll Banner Democrat which is published weekly in Lake Providence, LA.  This is not an all inclusive names index and only represents stories that are of genealogical interest such as graduation, marriage, and birth announcements, citizen profiles, and some parish government notes.  For more information, please leave a comment.

Page 4: Personality of the Week
Dezavier Turner

Page 5:  Thank You Note
Names mentioned:  Nathaniel Webb, Jr., Webb, Haythrone, Closure, and Wilson families

Page 5: Wedding Announcement
Kelsey Lynn Barksdale and Jonathon Randal Dukes
Names mentioned:  Dr. and Mrs. John Monroe Barksdale, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. John Monroe Barksdale, Sr., Col. and Mrs. Edgar Marvin Munyon, Mr. and Mrs. William Randal Dukes, Mr. and Mrs. William Paul Dukes, Mrs. Gayle Quirk Brown, Mr. Phillip Berguerre Brown, Shannon Barksdale Mahon, Lauren Barksdale Hill, Emery Noelle Dukes, Martha Dukes Dill, Caroline Scott Landry, Alexandra Claire Marquette, Madelyn Constance Schneider, Hale Bourg Upchurch, Jordan Leith Waguespack, McKinley Marie Mahon, Halle Nicole Munyon, Martha Larguier Rhodes, Milly England Upchurch, William Benton Dukes, McCauley Otis Bullock, Richard Craig Clark, Thomas Boyd Crigler, Dennis Cole Grisson, Steven Cade Marsh, Frederick Hall Schneider, Larry Preston Walker, Kyle Joseph Dill, Joseph Carter Hill, Alexander Christopher Mahon, Justin James Nugent, Michael Howard Reitz, Andrew Paul Dill, Thomas Allums Dill


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