October 14, 2010 - Genealogy Index, Banner Democrat

The following names were mentioned in the October 14, 2010 issue of the East Carroll Banner Democrat which is published weekly in Lake Providence, LA.  This is not an all inclusive names index and only represents stories that are of genealogical interest such as graduation, marriage, and birth announcements, citizen profiles, and some parish government notes.  For more information, please leave a comment.

Page 3:  Obituaries
Mary Ann Smith, Funeral: October 12, 2010 at Cox Funeral Home, Interment: Memorial Gardens in Victoria, TX
Names mentioned:  Rev. Owen Peyton, Claire Tweedy, Dr. Don Bailey, Amy Hale, NP, Edith Ann Hager, Robert Samuel Orr, Daisy Mae Lynn Orr, Walter H. "Cotten" Smith, Sammy Smith, Lanell Smith, Mark Hager, Chris Hager, Michal Ann Fortenberry, Rob Fortenberry, Jeremy Smith, Ramona Smith, Betty Patton, Robert Orr, Marjorie Orr, Berry Margaret Ferguson, Will Ferguson, Maura Schmidt

Page 3:  Obituaries
Gladys Lewis Gibson, Funeral: October 7, 2010 at St. Matthew AME Church, Interment:  Natchez National Cemetery, Natchez, MS

Page 3:  Obituaries
Mrs. Ellen Johnson, Funeral: October 2, 2010 at Lake Providence Senior High School Auditorium, Interment: Evergreen Baptist Church Cemetery

Page 3:  Obituaries
Mrs. Ruthie Mae Reynolds, Funeral:  October 9, 2010 at Northstar Missionary Baptist Church, Interment: Gaither Memorial Cemetery

Page 3:  Obituaries
Nathaniel "Nat" Webb, Funeral: October 2, 2010 at Evergreen Missionary Baptist Church, Interment: Evergreen Missionary Baptist Church

Page 4:  Personality of the Week
Shenita Mann

Page 5: Wedding Announcement
Mallory Marie Payne to Paul Matthew Smith
Names mentioned:  Mr. and Mrs. Freddy W. Payne, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Neel, Mrs. and Mrs. Paul Smtih, Ms. Alice Perry, Mr. Buford Perry, Mr. and Mrs. WL Payne, Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Griffith, Mrs. Donnie Jean Smith, Mr. James Smith

Page 5:  Jones Chosen Queen
Names mentioned:  Latot'tra Jones, Christopher Jones, Latonya Jones, Joeann Brown, Robert Daniels, Ozell Davis, James Freeman, Yvonne Brown, Margaret Wilson

Page 6:  Briarfield Academy Homecoming 2010 (Pictures Included)
Senior Maids:  Names mentioned: Sara Jo Brown, Mark Brown, Cathy Brown, Mary Katherine Frith, John David Frith, Alane Frith, Kaylyn Marie Hernandez, Jose Hernandez, Vicki Hernandez, Morgan Taylor Thompson, Waylon Thompson, Kim Dennis

Junior Maid:  Names mentioned: Shelbi Taylor Brown, Phil Brown, Christy Brown

Sophomore Maid:  Names mentioned: Lauren Taylor Frantom, John Frantom, Becky Frantom

Flower Girl: Names mentioned: Olivia Claire Batton, Rick Batton, Emily Batton

Crownbearer:  Names mentioned: Mark Gregory Clement, II, Greg Clement, Suzanne Clement, Ashleigh Clement

Page 12:  Briarfield Academy Homecoming 2010 Continued (Pictures Included)
Names mentioned:  Arden Jesse Smith, Tammy Smith, Jess Smth, Fuad Abdo Ahmed, Fatuma Ahmed, Abdo Ahmed, Matthew Creighton Dennis, David Dennis, Lisa Dennis, William Bradley McIntyre, Shelly McIntyre, Jimmy McIntyre, Jr., Noah Damian G. Perez, Noel Perez, Edelyn Perez, Jonathan Edwards Tanksley, Cherie Morara, Danny Morara, Mark Tanksley, Robert Hamilton Stuart, Jimmy Stuart, Peggy Stuart


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