August 19, 2010 - Genealogy Index - Banner Democrat

The following names were mentioned in the August 19, 2010 issue of the East Carroll Banner Democrat which is published weekly in Lake Providence, LA.  This is not an all inclusive names index and only represents stories that are of genealogical interest such as graduation, marriage, and birth announcements, citizen profiles, and some parish government notes.  For more information, please leave a comment.

Page 3:  Lake Providence Cousins Graduate from Loyola Law Schools
Shelley Riniker Rizzotti - Other names mentioned:  Billie Herring, Dale Rinicker, Connie Rinicker

Lacey Lynn Herring - Other names mentioned:  Billie Herring, Bill Herring, Elaine Herring, Terri Fortenberry Herring

Page 4:  Personality of the Week
Mike Coullard

Page 5:  Thank You Note
Billy Franklin, Amelia Franklin

Page 5:  Birthday Acknowlegement
Names Mentioned:  MacArthur Baker, Mrs. Brenda Baker, MacArthur Baker, Jr., Bryson Baker, Mr. Charlie Whitty, Mrs. Elmira Whitty.

Page 8:  Legal Notices
Names of the Grand Jury (60 names), Petit Jury (180 names), and Civil Jury (120 names) chosen.  Full list captured in the minutes of the court on July 7, 2010.  All are registered voters and licensed drivers over the age of 18.  A computer was used to select the names at random.


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