African Americans From DC Sent to Work in Lake Providence, LA

A recent search on Google Books has unearthered a book entitled "An Index of African Americans Identified in Selected Records of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands" by Jacqueline E. A. Lawson.  (1995, Heritage Books) This book features a list of African Americans sent from the District of Columbia who were approved by the Freedmens Bureau to work under contracts in various areas of the United States.  In addition to the names and the locations they were sent to, their ages and pay rates were also listed. A search for "Providence, LA" yielded a number of results.

A search of this book could prove fruitful for a researcher who is unsure about how their relatives ended up in East Carroll Parish, especially if oral history dictates that they got there after slavery.  In addition, it can also help establish a timeline of locations for relatives, considering that it may be a surprise that their relative even went to Lake Providence.

Happy hunting!


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