Leroy Smith Lynching, May 1921

During a search of Google Books, we unearthed a book entitled "100 Years of Lynching" that features a story from the St. Louis Argus on May 27, 1921.  The story is titled "Boy Lynched at McGhee for no Special Cause."  It mentions the story of Leroy Smith, who was 14 years of age (born about 1907), from Lake Providence, LA, and how he was uncessarily lynched.

Upon further searching, the McGhee mentioned in the story is actually McGehee, Desha County, AR which is about 62 miles from Lake Providence.  It's unclear as to why Leroy was there, and we imagine hey may have been visiting family in the area.  Regardless, finding this information can be very fruitful for a family member of Leroy's who may be conducting genealogy on their family.


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