Charles Diggs, Sr., Lake Providence Native

We happened upon a lenghty story in Jet Magazine on May 11, 1967 that questions the mystery surrounding the death, by suicide, of Charles C. Diggs, Sr., who was born January 2, 1894 in Issaqueena County, MS.  (The article mistakenly notes it as Essaqueena County, MS).  Diggs became a millionaire businessman in Detroit, MI. 

The story states that Diggs attended Lake Providence, LA high school.  This statement is highly disputable, considering that during Diggs' high school years, the public school system in East Carroll Parish, LA was segregated and Lake Providence High School was a white school.  Furthermore, someone born during the time that Diggs was born most likely only attended school up to the 9th grade and did so through the schools that were sponsored by the East Carroll Baptist Association.  Once funding and teachers were available, high school for black students went up to 11th grade, but this started with students that were born at least 10 years after Diggs.


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