Video Teaser - 2010 Research Trip


Well, hello! I just ran across your blog thanks to your link on Afrigeneas (,and I'm almost awestruck! What a wonderful and professionally-done site you have! Your family seems very blessed to be working together to discover (and uncover)the details of your ancestry. I look forward to following your blog from this day forward.

Congratulations on KICKING down that brick-wall. Can't wait to read more!

Robyn said…
I love, love love your blog and you can count me in as a new fan. I so enjoyed hearing about your research trip. I'm so jealous! I research by myself 99% of the time, I only wish I had a research team.

Your slave research is on the ball. Continued success!
FE said…
hey Nicka!!! This was AWESOME! I didn't get to LA earlier this year as planned, but plan to hit it late this month - congrats on the find! See you soon at one of the meetings!

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