M1905, Roll 33 - (East) Carroll Parish in Freedman's Bureau Records

We have recently spent some time viewing microfilm M1905, or RECORDS OF THE FIELD OFFICES FOR THE STATE OF LOUISIANA, BUREAU OF REFUGEES, FREEDMEN, AND ABANDONED LANDS, 1863–1872.   These records are key to tracing one's ancestors immediately following the Civl War and during Reconstruction.  Contracts and agreements were established between former slaveowners or landowners and former slaves to ensure that the former slaves or freedman were paid for their work.  Sometimes the freedman stayed at the plantation that they were enslaved on, other times they worked for other former owners or new land owners in the area.

To help other East Carroll Parish, LA researchers, we have posted information extracted from various rolls in the M1905 series.  NARA ### refers to the number of image on the microfilm for ease of finding it later.  

National Archives and Records Administration
March 9, 2010
M1905 - Records of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, Louisiana, 1865-1872 
Record Group 105

Roll #33 - Registers and Payrolls of Freedmen Employed on Plantations 
Assumption and Carroll Parishes
Unbound registers and payrolls of freedmen employed on plantations, 1864–68, are arranged alphabetically by parish. The registers give the names, ages, sex, and class of the laborer; names of former owners; and former residences of freedmen. The payrolls give similar information except that they include the freedmen’s monthly wages, the number of days worked, amount of money received, and signatures or “X.” 

1866 - Carroll Parish, LA (Listing of plantations and owners during the year 1866; some 1867)

Fred Goodrich - Goodrich’s Landing Plantation

Willis Hobbs - Robertdale Plantation (Willis Hobbs was a freedman)
Suit against Willis Hobbs by Benjamin Evans, both freedman; contract included.  Dated May 12, 1866 -   NARA 300

R K Anderson & WH Taylor - Rutsdall Plantation

JM Adams & Company - Wm Stowers Estate Plantation
#30 and #31 - Henry Stewart, Irene Stewart on NARA 309

Brower, Shoemaker & Company - Davis Plantation

H G Blackman - Allright Plantation (12/31/1866) NARA 325 (*Son in law of William L. Balfour; executor of Balfour's Estate*) - Roxanne/Romone? Henry (enlisted in the army), 10m? Henry (French) (sick), Henry Johnston (died of Cholera), Green Williamson*, John Harp*, Albert Green*, George Washington, Jeff Anderson, Benjamin Harmon (* = Deserted)

NARA 329-332 - Payroll of Laborers Employed by HG Blackman on Allright Plantation, Carroll Parish, LA - 02/10/1867 - Soloman Lews/Lewis?, Sanford Stevens, Hiram Baty, Anthony Poston, Joe Richardson, Phillip Tevios, Peter Maxwell, Isaac Maxwell, Bill Hughes, Bill Johnson, jpope Robinson, Davy Montague, Julius Delaney, Henry Johnson, Greenberry Moore, Jim Jennings, Henry Maxwell, Cyrus Baker, Lambert Robertson, Ben Overton, Mary Overton, Lucinda Harris, Bob Taylor, Eliza Delaney, Lucy Dash, Ann Johnson, Eliza Lews/Lewis?, Mary Twigs, Eliza Baker, Greenberry Moore, Jr., Martha Jennings, Mary Seter, Sarah Montague, Molena Overton, Martha Blakeley, Mil Ann Hawkins, Sophy Stevens, Thad Blakeley, Rowan Clarkson, Jane Maxwell, Edmond Stewart, Marsh Dash, Emanuel Parish, Charles Hill, John Lewis, Frank Drane, Polly Parish, Samuel Hawkins, Eliander Deane, Neely A. Maxwell, Billy Clark, Louis Taylor, Queen Taylor, Mary Hill, Reuben Parks Julia Parks, Artemissa Blakeley, Laura Johnson, Milly Johnson, Charlotte Maxwell, Lizzle Sheffield, Jordan Howard, Ed Bates, Taylor Bates, Nancy Bates, Mary Hall, Sally Robinson, Lizzie Richardson, Thomas Mow, Ben Jennings, Emanuel Taylor, Sandy Owens, Tom Overton, Sam Overton, Nelly Jennings
JE Calhoun - Island Plantation, Island Plantation #2 (1866); GP Sallenberen/Sallenberer - Island #1 (1867)

JF Sovies/Davis/Dorris? and HC Key - Key Plantation

Dunson and WL Landon - Balfour Plantation
NARA 353 - #10 Alic Adley - 12/29/1866

James Killeen - Hood & Wilson Plantation

Henry L/HL Deeson - Longwood Plantation
NARA 362-363 - 12/19-20/1866 - Wig Bell, Ed Gardner, Wm Crinshaw, Robert Frankin, Bo Harrison, Butler Harrison, Warner Parks, Gabral/Gabriel Bill, Silvy Jackson, Jenetta Henderson, Cy L Harris, Lewis Harris, Ander Crinshaw, Aaron Henderson, Daniel Parks, Rose Bell, Car Elkin, Car Franklin, Martha Park, Claria Bell, sarah Hudson, Frana Bend, Fannt Perry, Sallie Franklin, Sallie Harrison, George Harris, Jane Gardner, Sallie Bolhin, Millie Harrison, Matt Mott, Selvy Park, Henrietta McCollock, Daniel Webster, Chris Franklin, Hyman Henderson, Squire Thompson, William Gardner, Levy Gardner, Cato Gardner, Tom Day, Dick Henderson, Virgil Johnson, Lorine Thompson, Elmira Henderson, Ellen Gardner, George Washington, Sylvy Gardner, Maria Gardner, Mahala Freeman, Ellen Day, Mary Day, Sam Harris, Eman Parks

Geo W. Goza - Lake Lane Plantation

NARA 367 - #41 - D. Brannum; #49 - Burrell Brannum, #50 - Ann Brannum, #53 M. Brannum, #64 - Willis Thompson, #67 - Betsey Thompson
Benham McMillen & Company - Elton Plantation
NARA 376 - June 30, 1866 - #45 - Lewis Carson, Class: 1st, Time of Commencing Work: March 24, Date of Settlement: June 30 , Time worked - Months: (Nothing listed),Wages Per Month: $20, Amount Earned (Dollars and Cents): $58.38, Amount Reserved (Dollars and Cents): $0.92, Amount Paid (Dollars and Cents): $57.46, We Acknowledged We Have Received of Benham McMillan & Co. - Signature: (Signed with a Mark), Witness: Wm Arnold (*Lewis Carson was married to Caroline Russell Carson.  Caroline was the aunt of Clora (Evans) Atlas*)
Ms. Mary Ann Goffe - Gossypia Plantation

Wm Keene, Agent - Transylvania Plantation
NARA 390 - 09/01/1866 - #45 - Dilsey Taylor
WJ Parkert - Lewiston Plantation

Charles M Pilcher - Carrolton Plantation

Sutton & Lombard - Vista Plantation

Edward Sparrow - Arlington Plantation
NARA 437 - 09/01/1866 - #38, Morrison, Katy; #39 - Stephens Morrison
LB Smithe? - Hood & Wilson Plantation

LB Smithe? - Holly Grove Plantation

LB Smith - No Name Plantation
NARA 476 - 11/21/1866 - Fred Jones, Aaron Coleman, Agusutus Fairfax, Agnes Hess, Seely Cook, Isaac Cook, George Washington, Hannah Washington
J Lyle Scott - Cottonwood Plantation

Robert H. Stewart & Henry L Eggers - Elder Grove Plantation
NARA 488 - Frank Grace

Thomas O. Stone & Company - Conn Plantation

A M Waddill & JW Graves - Tyrone Plantation 

A M Waddill & JW Graves - Walworth Plantation

FL Van Fossen - Erin Plantation 

MJ Grace - Plantation Name Not Noted
1866 - NARA 522 - Dallis Lalls, Henry Schiffs, Jones Casper, Mary Casper, William Smith, Patsy Taylor, Colin/Elin? Smith, John Stockard, Jim Taylor, John McGlilen, Jane Edwards

GG Wilson - Hood & Wilson Plantation (1867)

Mrs NE Taylor - Robertdale Planation


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