Family Members Step Up For 2010 Research Trip

With one week left, the research team has received so many generous donations from family members that have supported this year's trip.  There were a number of ways funds were generated:

  • Family members purchased souvenir books of family history or reunion DVDs during the 2009 family reunion in Chicago, IL;
  • Family members who donated generously at the family banquet at the 2009 reunion;
  • Family members who sent money, by mail or online following the reunion
Because of the generosity shown, the research team's rental car and a portion of the gas required for travel have been paid for.  Additionally, supplies (such as paper, gloves, dust masks, pens, etc.) and t-shirts were also graciously donated by family members.  

Friday, April 9, Saturday, April 10
Louisiana State Archives, Baton Rouge, LA

Sunday, April 11 or Monday, April 12
Leads travel to Jackson, MS

Monday, April 12 and/or Tuesday, April 13
Yazoo County Clerk of Court, Yazoo City, MS

Wednesday, April 14
Claiborne County Clerk of Court, Port Gibson, MS

Thursday, April 15
Jefferson Davis County Clerk of Court, Prentiss, MS

Friday, April 16
Madison Parish Clerk of Court, Tallulah, LA

Saturday, April 17
East Carroll Parish Library, Longwood Plantation/Eyrie Plantation Area - MS River Levee Discovery Exercise

Tyrone Plantation Cemetery, East Carroll Parish, LA

Meet up with/Interview Family Members in the Area

Sunday, April 18
Church Service, East Carroll Parish, LA
Way-A-Way Plantation Cemetery, Hollybrook, East Carroll Parish, LA

Monday, April 19 and Tuesday, April 20
East Carroll Parish Clerk of Court, Lake Providence, LA

Wednesday, April 21
Marengo County AL, Clerk of Court, Linden, AL

Thursday, April 22
Open Day

Friday, April 23
Open Day


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