23 Obituaries and 20 Find A Grave Records Added to AtlasFamily.Org

The following obituaries have been scanned and uploaded to the Obituaries sub-section of the Genealogy Documents section of AtlasFamily.Org:

Charles W. Atlas
Donna L. Atlas
Rev. Francis J. Atlas, Sr.
Francis J. Atlas, Jr.
Karen Atlas
King D. Atlas
Lawrence Atlas
Willie Mae Atlas
Willie Mae (Gibson) Atlas
Ruby (Singleton) Carter
Rachel (Ferguson) Colbert
Willie Pearl (Marshall) Davis
Regina (Singleton) Hillman-Durr
Dorothy (Facen) Maxey
Clarence McVan, Sr.
Ronald D. Nervis, Sr.
Christine Singleton
James Clyde Singleton
Ethel (Atlas) Sparrow
Stephania Terry
Cora (Atlas) Thompson
Sonya Thompson
Sarah (Jennings) Turner

The following FindAGrave.Com Records have been added to the Miscellaneous sub-section of the of the Genealogy Documents section of AtlasFamily.Org:

Clora (Evans) Atlas
Rev. Francis Joseph Atlas, Sr.
King D. Atlas
Susie (Lee) Atlas
Thomas Atlas
Willie Mae Atlas
Rev. Sandy Facen, Sr.
Ernest Hanford
Mary (Johnson) Hopkins
Daisy Ellen (Russell) Jackson
Pamela (Wilson) Jones
Alice (Atlas) Marshall
Lana Carroll Myles
Mary (Rosby) Myles
Frank Nervis, Sr.
Nancy Ruth (Russell) Nervis
Curtis Rosby
William Rosby
Cora (Dukes) Sparks
Reuben Stevenson, Jr.


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