AtlasFamily.Org ReDesigned!

2009 marks the 10 year anniversary of AtlasFamily.Org as a website. Throughout it's tenure, AtlasFamily.Org has been able to share information with known family members regarding their ancestry and also has been a tool that others have found that connects them to an ancestry that they didn't know about.

In honor of this accomplishment, the website has been redesigned.

Here are some of the new features:
  1. Better Organization - Each section of the site is housed in it's own folder on the server, making the site easier to maintain.

  2. Expanded Genealogy Documents section - The genealogy documents section has been expanded to include the following pages: Family Trees and Kinship Lists (also includes family file stats), death certificates, deed records, marriage certificates, military records, miscellaneous documents, newspaper and media coverage, and obituaries. All documents are now in PDF format.

  3. AddThis! Functionality - Users now have the ability to add pages to their MySpace, Facebook, Email, Blog Accounts, AIM conversations and etc. through AddThis buttons being employed throughout the site. This will allow the website to have an expanded audience.
  4. Google Custom Search - Users now have the ability to search AtlasFamily.Org and affiliated websites such as AtlasFamily.Org At Shutterfly, the AtlasFamily.Org YouTube Channel and this blog. By putting in just a first and last name, users are now able to narrow down how they fit into the family much easier.
  5. Drilled Down Family Trees - Instead of one large family tree that was hard to read, the family tree has been broken down into at least 15 different trees that are specific by branch. This allows a user the ability to narrow down their exact ancestry in a shorter time frame.
  6. Updated Family History Primer - This narrative on the origins of the Atlas family of Lake Providence now features more documents including census records, photos and a slave inventory.
  7. Site Map - For ease of locating the various pages on the website.
  8. Expanded Civil Rights Archive - More articles and photos added to an already robust archive.

Check it out!


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