More Balfour Stuff

While browsing for more information on the Atlas family's believed last slaveowner, I came across a website noting a database of the "Encyclopedia of American Weath." Listed on this site was William Lovett Balfour, who owned Eyrie Plantation in (East) Carroll Parish, LA. King Atlas, Jr. leased land on this plantation following the Emancipation Proclamation. For context, please see page 2 of the The Story of the Atlas Family of East Carroll Parish, LA.

I am wondering if this encyclopedia contains any useful information. We shall see.

I recently discovered through the help of a fellow researcher that Balfour died in Vicksburg, MS in the house of his cousin Dr. William T. Balfour. Why was he there and not at home in Adams County, MS? I still haven't quite figured that out. This same researcher also provided me with photos of William L. Balfour. It was strange looking in the face of a man that possibly held our family as slaves.

To see the magnitude of the slaves he owned just at his (East) Carroll Parish, LA plantation, see this estate inventory that I transcribed during the 2008 research trip. It's amazing that a 16 year old male was worth more than a 35 year old male.


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