History Detectives...

Last night I watched an episode of “History Detectives” on PBS. I love this show. Basically people submit their history conundrums and a team of folks tries to get them more information or solve the mystery. Usually it has to deal with an artifact that they have questions about.

One of the folks featured on the August 4, 2008 episode was one of my fellow posters on AfriGeneas (an African American genealogy website that I frequent). They contacted him because it was discovered that someone had a photo of his great great grandfather in the Grand Army of the Republic that he didn’t even know about. They also gave him a copy of his Civil War Pension file and took him to his gravesite. My fellow poster, George Geder, is quite an accomplished genealogist but this came as a surprise to him. It was awesome to watch. What made this story even more awesome, was that another poster, Char Bah, was utilized in helping with the research! Click the link above to view notes on the episode.


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