Feeling good, but waiting still...

Today we wrapped up our final day doing research for the Atlas Family of Lake Providence, LA with another day at the Clerk of Court Office. This was the last research stop for the 2008 research trip.

Yesterday, we learned that our favorite staff person was elected to be the new clerk of court beginning July 2008. She is the first African American to be in this position since 1832. She has been working at the clerk of court office for nearly 30 years. We were so happy for her and continue to be especially considering that we were able to see her right before her installation. The current clerk is retiring after more than 63 years on the job. We took a picture with the new clerk to commemorate our visit.

Today, I spent time looking into the owners of Longwood Plantation, the plantation that Louis Balfour/Bareford Atlas, Sr. was born on that was also next to Eyrie/Balfour Plantation. I looked up mortgage, conveyance and succession records for George Mason Long who sold it to Dr. Samuel Bond who sold it to Joseph R. Parks. I found slaves, but none of the names matched the Atlas' that we were looking for. I found that William L. Balfour had a business dealings with Joseph R. Parks, but nothing referring to our earliest traceable ancestors.

We were disappointed yet again, but were still able to pick up a lot of information on other facets of the family, such as marriages, conveyances, etc.

We had lunch at our favorite lunch spot in town today as well.

After the courthouse, we went to visit Wilson Oliney, who was a newly discovered family member.  It was short visit, full of laughs and swapping of family history and stories.  

The next step for us it to check out the estate records for Yazoo County, MS as well as for every other county that a Balfour had an estate. That is going to be tediuous work, but it will be the only option if we are to find documentation of ownership. That means we may pass up Louisiana altogether and focus just on Mississippi for next year's trip or for the one in 2010. I am feeling like we may not take a trip next year, but we'll see what God says.

We will be leaving Lake Providence tomorrow and will be heading back to New Orleans. On the way there, we will be stopping to talk with Jean's cousin Henry to see if she can get more information on her father's side. I will be posting pictures for the remaining portion of the Lake Providence leg of the trip probably when we get back to New Orleans.


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