Special Thanks:
- Jean Denton-Thompson; Each year I continue with this research, I am continually reminded of what a path was laid for me by my ancestors, and it comes from people like you. You are more than my amazing first cousin once removed (I can hear you saying “FIRST COUSIN!!! **Laughs**) I love you SO much and cannot imagine doing this with anyone else! Here’s to North Carolina and more microfilm!

- Grace Parker, Alice Thompson, Freddy George, Jr. and Freddy George, Sr.; for food, photos, lodging, support and most of all, love and laughs. Thank you for the tours, the education, and the conversation. We are truly blessed to call you family!

- Gene and Cassandra Rosby; for food, photos, lodging, support and most of all, love and laughs. We are truly appreciative of all that you did for us while we were away from our families. You made Baton Rouge feel like we never left home and were definitely with family. We will spend the next year losing the weight of all that eating!

- Robert and Cinderella Nervis; for food, lodging, support and most of all, love and laughs. You two are gems and are definitely an asset to Lake Providence! We are still laughing with you all, literally!
- Florence Atlas; for the tour of the land, the pecans, the greens, the company and your graciousness! You are one of a kind and the family’s griot with rights all your own!

- Carl and Allene Rosby, and family - for the great food, photos and laughs. Your family is awesome and it's talents will live long beyond your lives! You all are a true testament to what King Atlas and Rachel Day hoped we’d all be! Hope the fruit flies are doing well and that there are more dramatic track meet pictures to come!

- Brian Sr., Brian Jr. and Marissa Parker - for making a part of your trip to New Orleans a part of our trip there! Thanks for the shrimp, crawfish and education about bugs and creepy crawly things!

- My best friend Genevieve for the travel voucher!!! Let me know when you get your beignet mix and the magnet! Apologize to Brian for me about the pralines!

Summation of Research - 2007 Research Trip - 02/17/07 to 03/03/07
Louisiana State Library – Baton Rouge, LA
1. Copies of Newspaper Articles
06/17/1961 – Louisiana Weekly featuring Jean Thompson
05/25/1961 – New Orleans Times-Picayune featuring Jean Thompson
05/27/1961 – New Orleans Times-Picayune featuring Jean Thompson

2. Copies of Land Ownership Map
a. 1860 Carroll Parish, LA – Plotted out land owned by King Atlas, Jr., Louis Bareford/Balfour Atlas, Sr., and Hood Lane Corporation

Louisiana State Archives – Baton Rouge, LA
1. Copies of Death Certificates
a. John Atlas, Sr.
b. Sabina (Williams) Atlas
c. Eliza (Atlas) Rosby
d. Albert Marshall, Sr.
e. Susie (Lee) Atlas
f. William Abner Hearns, Sr. (Hearns)
g. Alice Hearns (Hearn)
h. William Russell
i. Alice (Smith) Franklin (nee Tucker, Jacks)
j. Clora (Evans) Atlas (nee Williams, Lee, Marshall)
k. Thomas Atlas, Sr.
l. King Atlas, Jr.
m. Sarah (Hewlett) Atlas
n. Rachel (Atlas) Hearns
o. Annie Mae Thompson

2. Copies of 1880 US Agricultural Schedules
a. King Atlas, Sr.
b. Louis Ates (Believed to be a relative)

Tax Assessors Records – Louisiana State Archives – Baton Rouge, LA and East Carroll Parish Clerk of Court - Lake Providence, LA
Family Members Found: King Atlas, Sr., King Atlas, Jr., John Atlas, Sr., Andrew Atlas, William Steven Atlas, Sr., Rachel Atlas (Hearns/Hearn), Louis Bareford/Balfour Atlas, Sr., Thomas Atlas, Sr.
Possible Family Members Found – Simon Atlas, London Atlas
1. 1873- 1875
2. 1877-1878
3. 1880-1881
4. 1883-1884
5. 1886-1880
6. 1899
7. 1908-1909
8. 1912

West Feliciana Parish Clerk of Court – Saint Francisville, LA
1. Conveyance Records Documented
a. Typewritten – 13
2. Sheriff Sales Records Documented
a. Typewritten - 10

East Carroll Parish Clerk of Court - Lake Providence, LA
1. Conveyance Records Documented
a. Handwritten – 10
b. Typewritten/Documented for Later Research – 11

2. Marriages Documented
a. Typewritten – 29

3. Mortgage Records Documented
a. Typewritten/Documented for Later Research – 34

4. Succession Records Documented
a. Typewritten – 3

- Based on tax assessors records, King Atlas, Sr. died between 1890 and 1895

- Based on East Carroll Parish Conveyance Records, Williams was the maiden name of Sabina who married John Atlas, Sr.

- Based on West Feliciana Parish Conveyance Records, Hewlett was the maiden name of Sarah who married William Steven Atlas, Sr. William Steven Atlas, Sr. was deceased before 1917, as per these records. In addition, discovered siblings of Sarah (Hewlett) Atlas based on the same conveyance records. This establishes another tie to West Feliciana Parish.

- Based on East Carroll Parish Conveyance Records, Charles Campbell was married to Sabina Atlas (Cooper), daughter of John Atlas, Sr. and Sabina Williams.

- All maiden names of the wives of King Atlas, Sr. and Rachel Day have been discovered and documented.

- Louis/Lewis Carson, husband of Caroline Carson, was not in the Confederacy during the Civil War. During the trip to the Louisiana State Archives, it was uncovered that he fought for the Union. The NARA website will be used to get a copy of his pension file

- Based on her death certificate, Clora (Williams, Lee, Marshall) Atlas maiden name was Evans. Her father is listed as Moses Evans and her mother is listed as Susie Evans. The informant was her son in law/stepson Louis Bareford/Balfour Atlas, Sr.

- Discovered Priscilla Balfour, living in Saint Francisville, LA. Free woman of color with the last name Balfour. Could not locate any other records on her. Further research required.Feliciana Parish Conveyance Records - David Austen (deceased) to Priscilla Balfour (a free woman of colour) – 01/31/1835 transaction, recorded 02/06/1835 – Book E, Page 341 – For the sum of $705, sixty feet on Royal Street and run back 180 feet but certainly 120 feet of lot 10 in square 17, the same lot purchased at the probate sale of Wm Wyse, deceased, by Joseph Beruard and transferred from Beraurd to William Hunstock and purchased by David Austen from Hunstock. Priscilla Balfour could not read or write. Sheriff’s record of transfer from David Austen to Priscilla Balfour in Book E, Page 343.

- Carroll Parish Conveyance Records - John B. Byrne to Wm. L. Balfour, Book B, Page 294-295 – November 13, 1841 property sold, recorded December 9, 1841. John B. Byrne and his wife sold to William L. Balfour a plantation in the parish of Carroll, LA composed of lots of land as follows: lots 71, 72, 73, 74 and 75, township 22, range 12 east, and lot number 30, township 21, range 13 east also sections 76 and 77. Township 22, range 12 east in the said parish of Carroll in the State of Louisiana, with the improvements, utensils, stock and all other things on said land together with 29 negro slaves for the some of $40,000. Purchase made in New Orleans, LA.Names of the slaves: Caph?, Eliza, James, Margarite, Turner, Mary Jane, Maria Allen, Heamit Sevarlles, Charles (her son), Isaac (her son), Fountam, Charles Seipis/Serpis, Daniel Lewis, Emaline (child of Rosetta), Tom, Caroline, Betty, Rosetta Butler, Marie Jackson, Maria Jackson and child, Sarah Cragge, Maria Grandein/Granderson?, Ann Grace Robinson, Henry Henderson, Henry Waddell, Eliza B. Stewart, Sarah Ann, Priscilla (child of Sarah Cragge) and Jordan (child of Rosetta)

Second list of slaves on page 157:
Caph?, Eliza, Jim (could be James above), Rosetta Butler, Margarett, Turner, Maria Jackson, Mary Jane (her child) and her other child then aged one year, Ann, Maria Allen, Sarah Cragge, Harriet Sevallis, Maria Grandison, Charles (her son), Ann Grace Robinson, Isaac (her son), Henry Henderson, Fountain, Henry Waddell, Charles Scipio, Eliza B. Stewart, Daniel, Sarah Ann, Lewis (her child), Priscilla (child of Sarah C. Cragge), Emaline (child of Rosetta), Jordan (child of Rosetta and Tom).

William L. Balfour, and his estate, owned and operated Eyrie/Balfour Plantation from 1841 until 1865.

- Photos Taken: 300+

Where To Go From Here:
- None of these slaves in the Book B, Page 294 -295 have names of earliest traceable ancestors. This supports the hypothesis that William L. Balfour purchased the earliest traceable ancestors in North Carolina and moved them during his move to Louisiana in 1820 or purchased them while in Mississippi and transported them to Eyrie Plantation

- No transactions noting sales of slaves to William Balfour or his son William L. Balfour in Feliciana/West Feliciana Parish, LA. Notation made of 13 slaves auctioned off when mortgage was defaulted; names of slaves: Peter, Polly, Castell, Castell, Tony, Anthony, Moses, Cillie/Ciller?, Rose and her children Isabel, Lenye and John (who was born since the seizure of all slaves); none had any names matching the names of ancestors

- Find records for and/or visit Edgecombe County, NC prior to William Balfour’s departure. It is possible that he purchased King Atlas, Sr. or Rachel Day there and then transported them to Louisiana, then Mississippi and then back to Louisiana to Eyrie Plantation.

- Continue search for records in East Carroll Parish, LA for ancestors and relatives and their records.

- Find records for and/or visit Bolivar County, MS, where Fallback Plantation was located to see if the purchase of King Atlas, Sr. and/or Rachel Day was performed there.

- Continue searching through Madison County, MS records to see if the purchase of King Atlas, Sr. and/or Rachel Day was performed there.


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