First day in NOLA...

Today, we spent most of the day out. I was able to see a lot of the devastation in the region and visit Grace and Alice's house. It was crazy seeing it without the walls and insulation. We spent so much time there during Mardi Gras, just hanging out "jookin" and eating. It's merely a shell now. Their neighborhood was almost empty. Most of the trees in and around the area were dead because of the water they had been sitting in. It was very eye opening. I took some pictures there as well as at Freddy's house. The FEMA trailers are ridiculous. I can't believe they expect people to have stayed in these for nearly two years. It's amazing STILL that Freddy's house is a mere seven blocks away and it is not in the same condition.

There are a million signs up in each intersection for contractors who are looking to get work in the area.

We capped the night off with fun at Bacchus. We caught a bag full of beads. Unfortunately, I got hit in the face trying to catch some beads, but I made it out alive. LOL

Tomorrow, we are probably going to take a trip down to Bourbon Street so I can pick up some stuff from my favorite black art store. They have the best 25 cent black and white post cards I've ever seen. I hang them in frames around my apartment and people always ask me where I got them.


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