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I am way past excited about our trip this year! Our steps have been truly ordered! I am so grateful for the last trip because it made us aware of what planning needed to be done, but it also created so many memories!

Photos of the the 2006 Trip -
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Since the last trip, our family file has increased to over 1,400 people. Never in a million years would I have thought it would get so big. My goal was to hit 700 people, but I more than doubled that! After two and a half years of doing this, I am continually amazed at the goals that get accomplished and the things I continue to find out along the way.

Highlights Before The 2007 Trip as of February 1st:

- We sent out letters to about 20 family members and friends announcing our trip this time. These 20 people live in or around the cities we will be visiting during the trip.

- We were able to secure airfare for under $300 for both Jean and I and a rental car for around $350 for our two week trip.

- We have a third researcher, Alice, is accompanying us. We also may have a third and a fourth researcher accompanying us on our Baton Rouge leg of the trip.

- Jean secured a laptop for us to use during the trip. All I have to do is bring my external hard drive and we can make updates to the family file in real time. In addition, we have the ability to scan any photos or documents we want because have a external hard drive and scanner that we can use to attach to the laptop.

- A lot of information is available online regarding what records we can search at each location. I have been able to put together check sheets that will aid us in locating the documents as well as what to search for in them.

- Jean and I both have digital cameras to take pictures with.

- We have been provided with places to stay, again, for every leg of the trip.

Here are the family file statistics, as of 4th quarter 2006:

Family File Statistics
- Births during the year 2006: 11
- Deaths during the year 2006: 5
- Marriages during the year 2006: 2

Family File size:
1st Quarter 2006 - 1,212 people (living and dead)
2nd Quarter 2006 – 1,328 people (living and dead)
3rd Quarter 2006 – 1,400 (living and dead)
4th Quarter 2006 – 1, 415 (living and dead)
Total Growth since September 2004 – 1,015
Total Growth for year 2006 – 203
Total living family members in file – 1,049
Total dead family members in file – 366

There is a lot to look forward to!


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