I did it again...

Today was a pretty low key day on my trip. My cousins and I pretty much stayed at their house and talked. We were up until 3:30am last night talking about family stuff and also laughing our behinds off as we looked at obituaries, pictures and the like. I got some good information on their siblings deaths as well as their parents marriage.

We also went to the "Greasy Spoon" as they call it. LOL You know, one of those little hole in the wall places that has cheap and pretty decent food. This man had the nerve to give me his business card and say "I'm not trying to pick up on you, but..." LOL Yeah, OK. Like resting on their personality isn't enough to get women, so you have to bust out the business card to add a pretentious edge above other men. I thought it was funny. My cousins were baggin. One of them said "Damn...it's a sad when a man has to hand you his business card to get you to talk to him. Back in my day, it was 'Can I order you a drink?' And you told him what you wanted to drink, and if you seemed interested, he'd keep talking, if not, they'd move on. Now, they need a business card?!? That seems a little aggressive to me." LOL

I found another branch of my family today by accident I'm pretty sure it sounds like it's an accident all the time. LOL While searching through obituaries with my cousins this afternoon, I came across one for a relative that died only two weeks ago. I went on a hunch and found a phone number and address of a descendant of theirs, and it was a good hunch because they were the right people. He was blown away. Then his brother called me with his mother on 3 way. They couldn't believe it either. This branch of the family had be lost for nearly 70 years, maybe more. Glory to God for that!

Tomorrow is pretty eventful. We're heading to Lake Providence. The Lord is definitely turning up the excitement!


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