Since 2006, the AtlasFamily.Org Genealogy Research Team has documented their experiences researching 9 generations and more than 2,100 family members through blog, video, and photo format. These products were largely shared with family members and the the general public through AtlasFamily.Orgit's affiliate websites, and family reunion DVDs.

After viewing a number of genealogy related shows, Nicka Smith got the idea of sharing the research team's unique story with a wider audience.  Her hope was to present the perspective of the thousands of people who donate their time, money, and skills by gathering information about their ancestors from county/parish courthouses, state archives, and libraries just for the sake of informing and empowering themselves and their families.

Entirely written, produced, directed, and edited by Nicka Smith, If These Waters Could Talk (2011) explores the origins of AtlasFamily.Org Genealogy Research Team, it's research trip, and the highs and the lows that take place throughout.  The nearly hour long documentary follows the team as they journey from the deep south all the way back to their ancestral homeland of Cameroon, Africa where they meet current day chiefs of their earliest traceable ancestor’s tribe, the Bamileke.

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